In The Frame: Kyla Philander - Eyeforce

In The Frame: Kyla Philander

In The Frame: an in-depth series where Eyeforce asks their talents burning questions about their recent work. They discuss the intricacies, the magic, the good and the bad. Let’s get the B-Roll rolling.

Kyla Philander

We managed to grab a few minutes with our freshly signed new talent to gain some insights into their creative process. We explore what their ideal setup looks like, how they mentally and physically prepare for a shoot and what inspired them to pursue a creative career.

What’s your first memory of witnessing creativity?

I grew up in a very artistic home – my father was a stage performer, my mother a housewife, and his manager but an artist in her own right.

How did you get started in film?

I was approached by a modelling agent and got cast in a KFC commercial – that’s when I knew being on set was exactly where I wanted to be.

Do you have a North Star when you think about International work?

Since I was a kid, I have been so moved by Nike’s marketing – so definitely a Wieden + Kennedy job, with a kind of Spike Lee/Michael Jordan-type impact. But I also really love this obscure insurance spot Harmony Korine did for Liberty Mutual that touches on a human truth so wonderfully. I love human narratives, and authentic, real performances.

Which of your creative collaborations inspired you the most? 

I loved working with Cass Collier, a world-champion surfer raised and based in Cape Town, South Africa. His story is one that is so familiar and close to me as a brown person existing in this world.

Still of Cass Collier from Corona film "Free Surfer"

Is there a South African way of working when it comes to film production?

I don’t think so – I think any shoot has the potential to be wonderful or a mess, it’s how it’s curated and brought together. That is my job, to create environments where we make magic. I’m not sure if that instinct is specifically South African but I do know it is inherent.

How do you personally prepare for a shoot?

I try to get as many mini-workouts in as possible to help work through my adrenaline. I have some comfort watches I like to fall asleep to such as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Gone Girl. I Make sure I have my alarm set for the duration of the shoot window. Cry.

Is there a project on your shelf, waiting to come into existence?

A collaboration on an arthouse film with the artist Disco Niqabi.

What would be your ideal brief?

I’d love to make a high-end perfume commercial. I want the budget and the freedom to make something that is so feminine and aesthetic the viewer melts when they watch it. Money, flowers, and beauty!